Hall, Richard

Richard Hall, MD, FRCPC, FCCP
- Anesthesiologist, QEII Health Sciences Centre
- Professor of Anesthesia, Pain Management and Perioperative Medicine, Dalhousie University
- Professor of Medicine. Pharmacology and Critical Care Medicine, Dalhousie University
- Associate Professor of Surgery, Dalhousie University
- Chair, Canadian Perioperative Anesthesiology Clinical Trials Network (PACT)
- Chair, QEII Health Sciences Centre Research Ethics Board
- Founding member, Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
Research Interests:

The role that inflammation plays in altering pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in the critically ill, the role of novel pharmaceutical agents in sepsis and in the critically ill, anesthesia management during and post cardiac surgery.

Mailing Address:

Room 5432, Halifax Infirmary
QEII Health Sciences Centre
1796 Summer Street
Halifax, NS   B3H 3A6 

Administrative Assistant:
Polly Moores