Frameworks have been developed to guide the ongoing and future work of the Community Health Teams. These frameworks will continue to evolve as the work of the Community Health Teams evolves.

Health and Wellness Program Framework

The Health and Wellness Program Framework is the structure for all of the education initiatives of the Community Health Teams. Educational programs and supports focus on health promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management, and the Community Health Teams are informed and guided by models that are reflective of this focus.

Wellness Navigation Framework

Wellness navigation focuses on navigating community members using their personal resource base through community resources and supports for the purpose of achieving wellness in their own lives.

Wellness navigation also aims to link key components of the community resource base together and build capacity of the knowledge base within the Community Health Team communities. The Wellness Navigation Framework has been guided by theoretical frameworks that have many elements in common with health promotion and supporting the change experience, which aligns with the overall model of the Community Health Teams. As well, the Wellness Navigation Framework is based on current roles of patient navigators within the Nova Scotia Health Authority, but has been adapted to focus on the health and wellness of a community of people rather than on a diagnosis.