Care by Design 2013 Milestones

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Capital Health's Care by Design program is enhancing patient-centered care and helping us exceed one of our 2013 Milestones - reducing the number of nursing home patients seen in emergency department.

One of Capital Health 2013 Milestones is a 25 per cent reduction in nursing home patients seen in the Emergency Department. New data (see graph, attached below) shows that we exceeded that in January 2011.

How are we doing it?
"It's called Care By Design, instead of care by default", says Barry Clarke, district medical director, Continuing Care Services. It's an evolution in the way we provide primary health care services to residents of long term care facilities within Capital Health.

Going to the hospital can be an arduous journey for the frail and elderly in long-term care facilities. Today they have access to supports not previously available, which reduces their need to be transferred to the hospital. They receive a regularly scheduled weekly visit from the physician assigned to his/her floor, and, through Care by Design's on-call system for urgent care, they have access to a physician 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Care by Design team is growing, and we are now recruiting more physicians to join our team! (see attached ad below)