Tobacco and Smoking Cessation in Cancer Care

Healthcare Providers

Video: Smoking Cessation and Cancer Care -- A Patients Story

Tobacco-Free Nova Scotia Referral Form | Tobacco-Free Nova Scotia Poster
Note: When filling out a cancer patient referral to Tobacco Free Nova Scotia please use the “Other” Category under Healthcare Provider Referral Source to state the cancer program site referring (eg. Cape Breton Cancer Centre)

Please use this approved NSH Tobacco Screening form for standard tobacco screening. If the IPQ is in use at your site the tobacco screening form is embedded in it.


Learning Modules

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Module 1 Rationale for Tobacco Cessation

This course provides an overview of the evidence and rationale for including tobacco cessation supports in cancer patient care. This course is appropriate for any health care provider working with cancer patients.

Module 2 Best Practice and Referral Processes

This course provides an overview of current evidence-based best practice for tobacco cessation in cancer care and outlines patient referral processes to cessation programs and services in Nova Scotia.

Module 3 Tobacco Cessation Pharmacotherapies

This course describes the types of pharmacotherapies available to support tobacco cessation with a strong focus on the unique considerations when prescribing Nicotine Replacement Therapy and / or pharmacotherapies to cancer patients.

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