Inpatient Care

Inpatient care takes place at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre for people who need a hospital setting to meet their rehabilitation goals.

Goals of inpatient rehabilitation are to:

  • Establish treatment programs based on goals that are set with the individual
  • Provide an introduction to specialized services which may be used during and following their hospitalization
  • Provide educational material and teaching sessions to answer questions
  • Allow the individual and caregivers to practice what they have learned at the rehabilitation centre on weekend passes home
  • Provide counselling to patients and families regarding to limb loss
  • Develop a discharge plan to help with the return to the community
  • Provide follow up care through letters with the individual's family doctor
  • Provide follow up assessment through an Amputee Clinic recheck appointment
  • Advocate for funding for equipment and home modifications

The length of stay varies from person to person and depends on that patient's needs and goals. It isn’t uncommon for a person to stay in hospital four to six weeks if they are to be fit for a prosthesis. Some may stay longer or shorter. Others may need to take part in a two-step rehabilitation process. For example, if your wound needs more time to heal you may go home at a level of wheelchair independence and return for prosthetic fitting at a later date if appropriate.