Program Details

The following services are offered at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre (NSRC):

  • Inpatient Care
  • Outpatient Care
  • Amputee Clinic

We work with patients, families and other caregivers to:

  • Lower the risk of another amputation
  • Reduce post-amputation complications
  • Obtain the best possible recovery of function after an amputation
  • Gain the highest level of independence and ability in the home and community
  • Help with any arrangements for return to the community
  • Provide emotional support through interaction with the team and peers

Our Specialized Services Include:

  • Driving Assessment Program
  • Peer Support Program
  • Wheelchair Skills Training


The Rehabilitation Program at the NSRC is the primary site for rehabilitation training for Dalhousie University and is recognized by the national accreditation board.


Changes in patient care are initiated in response to research, and consumer input. Clinicians and scientists from the Rehabilitation Service are involved in research in the areas of walking and balance, wheelchair mobility, use of assistive devices and functional recovery after amputation.

The Rehabilitation Team

The following healthcare professionals are part of our team.

  • Dietitian - Helps you plan for healthy eating
  • Nurse - Helps you when nursing care is needed, teaches, and provides support
  • Occupational Therapist -Helps you learn how to be independent with your necessary daily tasks and will advise you on your wheelchair and other equipment
  • Pastoral Care - Gives you support and spiritual counselling if wanted
  • Pedorthist - Fits you with proper footwear and/or insoles, if needed
  • Physiatrist - A doctor specializing in rehabilitation who manages your medical care
  • Physiotherapist - Works with you to improve your strength and fitness, teaches you to use and care for your prosthesis if appropriate.
  • Prosthetist - Fits and adjusts your prosthesis
  • Prosthetic Technician - Makes your prosthesis
  • Recreation Therapist - Helps you return to leisure interests or hobbies or find new ones
  • Social Worker - Helps you and your family cope with your amputation and assists with plans to return home
  • Vocational Counsellor - Helps you return to work or decide on a new job or career