Amputee Clinic

Team members carry out assessments of the person's condition/abilities, and work with them and their caregivers to establish their needs and goals.

Location and Referral Information

The clinic is located on the second floor of the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre.

The Amputee Clinic serves a variety of people including:

  • The person who would like to become a prosthetic user
  • The person who is having difficulties with their current prosthesis
  • The new prosthetic user for follow-up

A doctor's referral is necessary for you to attend the amputee clinic.

Goals of the clinic are to:

  • Assess risk factors, diagnose and manage amputation complications
  • Address individual and caregiver concerns relating to physical abilities & adjustment to limb loss
  • Identify and provide treatment options for amputee rehabilitation as appropriate
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of individual therapy programs and update them as needed
  • Provide education for the individual and caregiver
  • Advise re prosthetic repairs and/or upgrades as required