Multi-Year Business Planning

We do all of our business planning in the context of Our Promise and Declaration of Health.

In 2010, we released our first multi-year business plan (2010-13). Creating a multi-year business plan required a very different approach to business planning, an approach that continues to be refined in each subsequent year. In addition to looking beyond one fiscal year, our business planning approach differs significantly from previous efforts in three key areas.

Strategically driven 

While mindful of limited resources, Capital Health has planned within the context of the values, vision and mission set out in Our Promise. This approach is a shift from previous practice in which available funding was a leading consideration in what could and could not be done. Our Promise was shaped by what citizens, employees, patients, families and communities have asked for to achieve optimal health and includes five strategic streams:

  • Person-centred health
  • Citizen engagement and accountability
  • Innovation and learning
  • Transformational leadership
  • Sustainability

Citizen and stakeholder engagement 

This plan is the result of listening to hundreds of people within the Capital Health district. Their involvement is vital to the planning of health and health care and has become a way of doing business for Capital Health.

Ethics, evidence and economics

In keeping with Our Promise, the perspectives of ethics, evidence and economics have been integrated into decision-making. Ethics recognizes that decisions must be made within an ethical framework that encompasses what we value. Evidence focuses on those activities that improve health outcomes. Economics acknowledges finite resources.