Strategic Indicator Reports

Strategic Indicator Reports

Capital Health’s Strategic Indicator Reports provide multi-year data on key indicators. Over the summer and fall of 2009, leaders within Capital Health identified strategic indicators which would aid in their work to fulfill Our Promise in Action. This process resulted in the creation of the Capital Health Indicator Development document which itemizes indicators by five strategic streams:

  • Person-Centered Health Care
  • Sustainability
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Citizen Engagement and Accountability
  • Innovation and Learning 

Understanding Indicators

We base our indicator selection on our 2013 Milestones and the Capital Health Indicator Development document. Many of the indicators in these two documents are still in the development stage. We will be adding more indicators as they are completed. Every indicator in our Strategic Indicators Report also falls into one of the eight Qmentum quality dimensions outlined by Accreditation Canada

Older Versions of OMIR and SIR

Versions of the OMIR and SIR older than three years have been removed from this list. For more information or to access a copy that has been removed please contact Capital Health Decision Support at 902-473-3446.