Business Development

Business Development serves as a conduit for Capital Health departments and supporting entities to achieve a continuous increase of financial resources to support Capital Health’s mission and goals. Capital Health Business Development’s responsibilities include:

  • Championing initiatives as requested by Capital Health (e.g. Halifax Infirmary Parkade)
  • Internal and external leasing (landlord/tenant relationships)
  • Departmental business plans, proposals or Request for Proposals (RFP’s)
  • Identifying new initiatives
  • Providing support to Departments, Foundations and Auxiliaries
  • Ancillary services (commercial ventures and parking services)
  • Partners for Care

During the past 16 years, 90 per cent of developments have been successful including several firsts within Canadian health care centres (e.g. Tim Hortons, Pizza Hut and Health Centres Consortium). Blazing new trails within a conventional environment has brought local and national attention. Solid, sound and transparent business practices have garnered accolades and support from the private and public sectors.

For more information on business development or opportunities, contact David Kersey at or (902) 473-7465.