Sun Safety in the Recreation Community

Sun Safe Nova Scotia wants to support your municipality, organization or sports group to create a culture that supports sun safe behaviours with your summer staff, volunteers and program participants.

Policy Resources
Use these policy templates as a starting place for the creation of your own policy. Please add additional procedures that you would like to implement or remove procedures that you cannot commit to at this time. We encourage you to re-visit your policy each year and make any necessary updates. 

Staff Training Resources
If you have a policy and procedures in place or currently have specific expectations on the topic of sun safety – make sure these are linked to the activities. Please note: Sun Safe Nova Scotia has policy and procedure templates available for recreation and sport organizations. Request a template from 
Promotional Resources

Below you will find resources that can aid in the communication of the importance of sun safety to parents, staff, volunteers, and program participants. Be creative with these promotional tools. 

• This 8.5x11 poster can be used to indicate the daily UV Index and appropriate action for staff, parents and participants. 
UV Poster - PDF

• This parent letter can be adapted for your organization and distributed at the beginning of the summer.
Parent Letter – Microsoft Word

• The Canadian Dermatology Association keeps an up-to-date list of approved sunscreen products. This is a helpful resource to share with parents and staff. 

Participant Resources
Activities, crafts and songs can be a great way to solidify the sun safety messaging among program participants. Perhaps summer staff will commit to do one activity each week as part of their program plans. 

These are activities that can be used to reinforce the message of sun safety with participants. Some of these are great to include in rainy day program plans. 
• Reward good sun behvaviour by presenting participants with a Sun Safety Superstar Award!
Songs can be a great way to make sun safety fun! Your staff may choose to teach one of these songs to their participants and sing it during the time of sunscreen application.