Primary Health Care Quality: Our Journey

**This page is no longer active. Please head to for current quality and practice support information and resources for primary health care providers and teams**

Every day, you and your team work hard to provide safe, effective and efficient care and support individuals and communities to live well. This can be challenging in our increasingly complex and changing environment. It's easy to spot areas for improvement, but often it seems daunting to understand the issue, identify solutions and put new ways into practice. We also know it can be challenging to keep on top of the latest evidence and guidelines, and to find opportunities to learn from and connect with your peers. Our Practice Support Program is here to help.

The Primary Health Care and Chronic Disease Management Network have developed a Practice Support Program to support you and your team in the delivery and improvement of patient centered care. Our practice support and quality improvement resources, tools and initiatives are available to support primary health care providers and teams, foster a culture of shared learning, quality and safety, and ultimately enable quality care for patients and families. Click the image below for more information on our Practice Support Program approach and current offerings.

Why Quality Improvement?

Quality improvement [QI] is “a proven, effective way to improve care for patients, residents and clients, and to improve practice for staff.” (Health Quality Ontario, 2012). QI is a core attribute of high-performing teams and is critical to realize the full vision for a strengthened primary health care system in Nova Scotia. Check out this video to learn more about the role of QI in healthcare.